Zoning Information and Forms

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission consist of five board members.
Members include:
Russ Grebe
William Allision
Charles Ligosh
Andrew Shecktor
Steven Slusser

Zoning Hearing Board

The Zoning Hearing Board hears all appeals of zoning decisions made by the Codes Department.  A Zoning Hearing is an official hearing which includes both attorneys and a court stenographer.  The Berwick Borough Zoning Hearing Board consists of 5 members. 
Members include:
Eugene Golla
Annette Brennan
Robert Maier
Erik Helbing
AD George

Codes Appeals Board 

The Codes Appeals Board hears Codes Appeals cases not related to Zoning. A citizen or business has the right to appeal the decision of a Codes Officer to the Codes Appeals Board.  Appeals may be regarding licensing denials, stop-work orders, violations, and a variety of other issues. The Appeals Board hears the case just like a Court would hear the case. The Codes Appeals Board plays a vital role to Codes Enforcement in the Borough of Berwick.
Members include: 
Nelson Learn
Jim Long

Bill Allison 

Right to Know Information
In accordance with Pennsylvania law, the Borough of Berwick has established an Open Records Officer, Nancy Sborz. All requests shall be made to her and reviewed by her.

Examples of public records:

  • Meeting Schedules
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Contracts
  • Name, title, Salary of public employees and officials
  • Zoning Maps
  • Zoning Manual

Examples of non-public records:

  • Social Security numbers
  • Drivers license numbers
  • Employee numbers
  • Home, cellular or personal phone numbers
  • Personal financial information
  • Spouse’s name, marital status, beneficiary or dependent information
  • Home addresses of law enforcement and judges
  • Identity of confidential informants.
  • Records that identify social service recipients, including welfare recipients
  • A minor’s name, home address, date of birth.
  • Constituent requests to a member of the House or Senate
  • Pre-decisional deliberations
All request forms may be obtained at City Hall, 1800 N. Market Street, Berwick, PA 18603
Check out the Pennsylvania Office of Open Records website for more details by clicking here.
You can download Berwick Borough's RIGHT-TO-KNOW (a.k.a. Open Records Request) request form by clicking here.
All RIGHT-TO-KNOW (a.k.a. Open Records Request) requests must be submitted to Nancy Sborz, Administrative Assistant/Right to Know Officer in writing.
You may drop/or send the request at City Hall, fax request to (570) 752-2726 or email the request to nsborz@berwick-pa.com