Kids Recycling

Welcome to the Recycling for Kids page. The purpose of this page is to get the younger generations informed and involved in our good habits! This past year Mr. Rider received the following letter from the mother of Girl Scout.....  


Hello there Mr. Rider,


I just wanted to send you a quick email on behalf of my daughter. This past year, I became my youngest daughters girl scout leader (currently in sixth grade). My mother was my girl scout leader so when I was asked to step in I was extremely excited. As their leader, I decided that I wanted to teach them a wide range of knowledge on topics that will be most useful to them for life. We have gone over topics like first aid, fire safety, nutrition and most recently the importance of recycling and going green. My older daughter and I have been looking up resources on the internet about home recycling and she came across your page. As a mother, I just wanted to personally thank you for making it. You have some great resources and information that I am going to use for my recycling unit.


My older daughter Liz wanted to send you back another page that she found about home recycling and going green. We thought you might want to add to your page because it could help you and others as well "Go Green at Home! For Kids & Adults" CLICK HERE. Would you be able to consider adding it for her? I would love to surprise her and show her that her research will help others.


Thank you so much,



Thank you so much Liz for being such an advocate for RECYCLING!


Curt Rider

Recycling Coordinator



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