Public Works


The Department is also responsible for the signs throughout the Borough limits. This includes signs that are missing, damaged, or have graffiti on them. If you see such signs, please call the City Hall at 570-752-2723.
Snow Removal/Plowing
There are several snow removal duties that are performed: snow removal from the Borough, maintain sidewalks, and hauling snow as needed from uptown areas and parking lots. A list of the equipment used in snow plowing and removal include 5-ton trucks, a pick-up trucks, a front end loader, a Backhoe, and a Skid Steer. All trucks are equipped with plows and salt spreaders.
Dumpster Day
The Borough had its 1st ever Dumpster Day on May 31, 2009 at the Test Track.  The Public Works Department volunteered their day to ensure that the more than 300 cars that arrived were safely and efficiently unloaded.  Residents were very thankful for this opportunity.
Street Maintenance
There are over 60 miles of Borough maintained streets that the Public Works Department attempts to keep in the very best condition, despite a challenge in funding.  Potholes are patched as quickly as possible when found. If you know of a pothole that needs patched, call the City Hall at 570-752-2723.   Leave a message with the Receptionist and we will pass it on.
Street Painting
The Department tries to maintain the highest level of safety for the residents with the painting of curbs, crosswalks, and stop bars, which is done on an annual basis during the Summer months.
Street Sweeping
This is done throughout the year, although primarily in the summer.  All residents are to follow the posted signage throughout the Borough in regards to parking restrictions.
Storm Sewer
There are several hundred storm water catch basins and drywells in which the Borough maintains.  The Department tries to keep each of these free and clear of debris.  If you see a blocked catch basin, please contact City Hall at 570-752-2723.
Traffic Lights
Even though most of the traffic lights in the Borough are on state roads, the Borough is responsible for the maintenance of the traffic lights. Thanks to the Columbia County Commissioners, the Borough has recently installed LED traffic lights throughout the Borough, saving taxpayers over 35% on the cost of traffic lights.  In addition, the new lights have added a “brighter glow” to the Borough.  In upcoming months, crosswalk lights will also be changed.  There are daily inspections to see if all of the lights are working properly. To report lights that are out or malfunctioning, call the Police Station immediately at 570-752-3677.