On December 18, 1911 at the home of Mr. William East, 20 young men decided to create the Eagle Hose Company No. 2. According to historical data concerning the organization, there was only one other Company in the Borough of West Berwick at the time. The young men saw the need for a second Company and accordingly were organized. At the first meeting the receipts were less than one dollar, but this did not daunt the ambitious young men. Mr. East and several other citizens set out on what proved to be a greater task than what they had anticipated, but they were equal to the task. The charter was obtained for the Company by Alex C. Jackson on May 29, 1912. At this time there were forty charter members. All the members had visions of a nice fire hall and equipment. The manner in which this was accomplished is an interesting part of the history of the Berwick Fire Department.

The company had no funds and no place to meet, nor any equipment with which to fight fires. However they were determined to win the Borough Council to their plans and to also gain their confidence. Meetings were held in vacant store rooms and barber shops until the Borough Council rented a store room on LaSalle St. for a meeting house. The company was quartered here for several years. Finally, the Council gave them better quarters in the Town Hall with the other Company.

In 1916 the Borough of West Berwick merged with the neighboring Borough of Berwick. Both the West Berwick Hose Co. No. 1 and Eagle Hose Co. No. 2 joined the ranks of the Berwick Fire Department which consisted of the Reliance Fire Co. No. 1, Ranger Hose Co. No. 2, and Defender Fire Co. No. 3. When West Berwick was merged into the Borough of Berwick, all municipal business was moved into the Berwick City Hall. The former West Berwick Borough Hall was left to the Borough of Berwick and was utilized as the Eagle Hose Company's hall until 1995. In 1995 the Company acquired property on 325 South Mercer St. A new hall was erected on the site and is the current base of operations for the Eagle Hose Company.

During the Eagle's long history, the Company went through many changes. Various apparatus were assigned or purchased through the years. Each piece of apparatus designed on the success of their predecessors, in turn, strengthening the services provided by the Eagles to the community.

Historical information taken from:
-1941; 3rd Annual 4th of July Berwick Firemen’s Celebration Pamphlet