"One Book, One Community"




   It was with great pleasure that the Borough of Berwick Police Department participated in the community-wide event called “ONE BOOK, ONE COMMUNITY”.


   Every elementary school student in the Berwick Area School District received one free book called “The Lemonade War” by Jacqueline Davies. The book was also given out to businesses, organizations, and citizens throughout a six-month period to be read, discussed, and celebrated.
The goals of the event included promoting literacy throughout our community while discussing themes of philanthropy, leadership, conflict resolution, and entrepreneurial skills.


   On January 28, 2014 Ken Strish, the Chief of Police, read Chapter#7 of “The Lemonade War” to a group of children in Council Chambers at the City Hall. Chief Strish was chosen, in part, because “Officer Ken” interacts with “Evan”, a main character in the book, during this chapter. Food and refreshments were served, games were played, prizes won and a tour of police headquarters was provided. It was a great night of interaction between the police department and the community that it serves.