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Berwick Borough Ordinances
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Berwick Borough Code

We have downloaded the Berwick Borough Code broken down by each chapter into this website.  Please understand that the Berwick Borough Code was last revised in the year 2000.  Therefore, a number of the Codes and Ordinances have changed since that date.  For example, the Borough of Berwick no longer uses the BOCA Code, but rather the UCC.  If you have any questions regarding the Borough Code or any of the Borough's Ordinances, please feel free to contact City Hall.


Berwick Borough Code


Snow Removal Ordinance **Revised**

The Council of Borough of Berwick approved revisions to the Snow Removal Ordinance at its July 20, 2009 meeting. The ordinance can be viewed here. The main changes deal with plowing of the roads. The first day after a major snow storm, vehicles will needed to be moved to one side of the street from 8 A.M.-3 P.M. As soon as the plow trucks go through, vehicles can be moved back. On the following day, vehicles will need to be moved to the plowed side of the street. As soon as the plow trucks go through, vehicles can be moved back.

RIGHT-TO-KNOW, Open Records Request Forms
In accordance with Pennsylvania law, the Borough of Berwick has established an Open Records Officer, Debra Force. All requests shall be made to her and reviewed by her. Examples of public records are the following:
·         911 time response logs
·         Grant Applications
·         Contracts
·         Agreements
·         Agency decisions
·         Name, title, Salary of public employees and officials
Examples of non-public records:
·         Social Security numbers
·         Drivers license numbers
·         Employee numbers
·         Home, cellular or personal phone numbers
·         Personal financial information
·         Spouse’s name, marital status, beneficiary or dependent information
·         Home addresses of law enforcement and judges
·         Identity of confidential informants.
·         Records that identify social service recipients, including welfare recipients
·         A minor’s name, home address, date of birth.
·         Constituent requests to a member of the House or Senate
·         Library circulation cards
·         Pre-decisional deliberations
All request forms may be obtained at City Hall, 1800 N. Market Street, Berwick, PA 18603

Check out the Pennsylvania Office of Open Records website for more details by clicking here.

You can download Berwick Borough's RIGHT-TO-KNOW (a.k.a. Open Records Request) request form by clicking here.  All RIGHT-TO-KNOW (a.k.a. Open Records Request) requests must be submitted to Debra Force, Borough Manager in writing.